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Silver Doggy Studios was formed in 2014 in Ann Arbor, Michigan. Our passion is filmmaking. Our mission is to create compelling stories with relevant, dynamic, effective and creative content.

Content is key. Thanks to technology, the barrier to entry into filmmaking is almost nonexistent. Thousands of videos are uploaded to the web each hour. Most have very little redeeming value and even less substance. In the midst of this frenzy, our focus is original and creative content. Whether a film has a $100M budget or a $5,000 budget, content will always be the great separator.

Bradley Silvius

Bradley Silvius wrote his first short story at the age of six and never quit the creative process. He is the author of one published novel and several nationally recognized short stories. Bradley is also the founder of The Little Leaders Company which produces an award-winning series of educational videos for toddlers. As a director and actor, his short films have garnered awards and Official Selections to numerous festivals. He has a M.S. in Mechanical Engineering from Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute and holds two US Patents. Bradley also manages the production company MC2 Motion Media.
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Martin Faber

Martin Faber is a musician, producer and composer. After receiving classical guitar training in his youth, Martin played bass and guitar for more than a decade in several pop and jazz bands in his native The Netherlands before going on to play internationally for more than 30 years. Recently, he has produced several albums for various artists. Martin composed and performed the original score for the short film, Painting Pilfinger, for which he won the Best Original Score Award at the 2015 Made-in-Michigan Film Festival. Martin has a Bachelor's Degree in Aerospace Engineering from the Haarlem Technical University in The Netherlands.

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Raquel de Paula Silvius, Producer

Raquel de Paula Silvius has excelled in promotion and production for nearly twenty years. A native of Brazil, Raquel operated a successful language education business in Southern Brasil before coming to the United States to obtain dual Masters level achievements from Eastern Michigan University. She is the producer of the award-winning Little Leaders Video Series which exposes toddlers to multiple languages and American Sign Language. Raquel also serves as Vice President of the production company, MC2 Motion Media. 

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Silver Doggy Studios

Formed in 2014, Silver Doggy Studios is an independent producer of dynamic media content. We are located in Ann Arbor, Michigan.

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